3 Reasons To Love Projection and Dry Erase Wallpapers

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Forget projection screens and whiteboards, you can now have one surface that does both. Create it with Projection and Dry Erase Wallpapers.

This one product allows you to transform your walls into projector screens AND whiteboards, without any size limitations.

Find out three reasons why you should love projection and dry erase wallpapers below.

You Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Since this product enables you to create a dual functionality surface from just one product, you get the best of both worlds.

You have a projector screen surface that can be used with most projectors and that greatly reduces hotspotting.

You also have a high quality whiteboard surface which can be easily written on and wiped off.

Our Projection and Dry Erase Wallpapers come in a white low sheen finish so will blend seamlessly into your room when you aren’t making use of your writable and projection surface.

Projection And Dry Erase Wallpapers Are Ideal For Meetings

Make your meetings more energetic with Projection and Dry Erase Wallpapers.

With this functional surface, get  have everyone up writing on the wall, instead of sitting around the meeting room table.

Project meeting agendas onto the wall and strike each topic out as you go. Then use the dry erase functionality to explore everyone’s ideas.

Create Interactive Presentations

Want a way to make people more engaged with your presentations?

Then make them more interactive.

Have everyone up and contributing, while you are going through your slides, by writing notes directly onto your wall.

Everyone will be actively involved in your presentation and  will have unlimited space to write upon. They can work in teams or individually.

These are just three of the reasons we think you would love Projection and Dry Erase Wallpapers.

Want to transform your surface today? Then click here.

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