Everything You Need To Know About Writable Wallpapers

Interested in adding writable surfaces to your workspace? Consider writable wallpapers;

These commercial wallpapers are great for anyone looking to add a high quality whiteboard surface to their space. Maybe writable wallpapers are the products for you.

Before choosing your product, it’s always good to look through all the options and find the one that best fulfils your needs.

To help, we’ve collected some of the most popular questions that we’ve been asked regarding writable wallpapers, so that you can find all the information you need to know, in  one place.

Showing presentations on magnetic projector screen wallcovering

We currently supply two writable wallpapers: Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering and Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase.

Keep reading below to see if we have the answers to your question.

How do I apply Writable Wallpapers?

In summary,  apply just like any wallcovering. For a full step by step guide to applying writable wallpapers, check out our application video here.

What should I use to apply Dry Erase Wallpapers?

Apply using a regular ready mixed wallcovering adhesive. Simply apply the adhesive to the wall using a roller.

What direction should I hang this product?

It can be hung horizontally or vertically. We do recommend hanging horizontally in order to minimise the amount of joints/seams in the main writing area and at eye level.

How do I minimize joints/seams?

At the joint, overlap the wallcovering and double cut right through with a sharp blade.

What type of markers should I use with these products?

Use any high quality dry erase markers with your writable wallpaper.

What type of projector can be used with Smart Projector Wallcovering?

This product is suitable for use with most projectors, including interactive projectors.

How can I remove one of your wallcoverings?

Remove both Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering and Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase just like any other commercial wallpaper.

Does this product come with a guarantee?

Yes. Both Wallpapers are guaranteed for 10 years performance.

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