How To Make The Most Of Your Office Surfaces

Did you know that all of your office surfaces can become whiteboards? It’s true.

We’re not just talking about walls either. With Whiteboard Paint in White or Clear you can transform tables, desks, even doors into writable areas.

Turning your office surfaces into whiteboards is a great way to reduce paper usage, increase productivity and maximise your space.

Interested in learning how? Then keep reading below.

First Off, Let’s Talk About Walls

Transform your office walls into writable surfaces and you will have unlimited space to write upon.

One of the main limitations of traditional whiteboards is that they are very small. This means you don’t have a lot of space to write on or work on project plans with the other members of your team.

With writable walls, you add writable functionality to as much or as little of your walls as you like.

You can then utilize your space for meetings, group projects and so much more. It’s all about making the most of your office surfaces.

Tired Of Paper? Write On Your Desk Instead

Want to reduce the amount of paper you use in your office? One of the best ways we’ve found is to add a coat of Whiteboard Paint to your desks.

This way rather than writing notes down on pieces of paper, you can write them directly onto your desks.

You’ll have most space to jot down important numbers, keep track of your to-do list while being much more environmentally friendly.

Think of all the office surfaces you have to choose from, they can all become writable surfaces.

Write On All Your Office Surfaces

We’ve talked about walls and doors, but there are so many more office surfaces to choose from.

Check out this image of the meeting room door in our office. As you can see it’s a great place to keep track of meeting agendas. Simply write it up at the beginning of your meeting, allocate actions and then wipe away once you are done.

Have you got a lot of lockers or cabinets in your office? Add a coat of Whiteboard Paint and you can designate one to each of your colleagues.

Want to swap lockers? No worries. Just wipe out the names and switch.

There are a dozen office surfaces you can choose from. Maximise yours and change the way you work.

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