Project Planning With Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

Want a way to increase organisation and make project planning easier? Then give Magnetic Whiteboard Paint a try.

You can transform entire walls into magnetic and writable surfaces which are perfect for project planning.

Find out some of the ways you can use them below.

Project Planning For The Whole Team

With Magnetic Whiteboard Paint, project planning is easy. You can get the whole team involved.

Since your entire wall can become a magnetic whiteboard, you won’t have any size restrictions. Your entire team can be up working around the wall together.

Assign actions, brainstorm and decide on deadlines for when each action needs to be completed.

Once you have all these decisions made, you can use it to keep track of overall team progress. You can then get each person in your team to update their progress on their individual tasks so that the project manager can see at a glance where everyone is and how the overall project is going.

Find Everything In The One Place

One of the main aspects of project planning is making sure that everything is incredibly organised.

This way no matter how many people are working on a project together, everything will be organised.

With Magnetic Whiteboard Walls you can easily keep track of the entire project. It will all be on the wall in front of you.

Don’t waste time searching through your notes, keep all important information on the wall instead.

Check Out How CDE Did It

CDE were looking to create a project planning wall so they designed and created their brand new digital print.

They didn’t want to stop there though. They wanted to add functionality to their walls.

So they chose to install Magnetic Paint underneath and Smart Whiteboard Paint on top of their new digital print.

Now it is the perfect place to project plan and they have never been happier.

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