Update Your School Staff Room With Magnetic Whiteboard Surfaces

Functional surfaces are a great addition to any learning environment. They promote both interactive and collaborative learning, while also allowing students to better visualise their lesson material. Just like in the classroom, functional surfaces can also be very beneficial in your school staffroom. Keep reading below to find out how adding magnetic whiteboard surfaces to […]

Magnetic Whiteboard Walls In Digital Marketing Agencies

Do you work in a digital marketing agency? You’re not doing door-to-door marketing anymore, so why are you still limiting yourself to pen and paper? Consider adding functional surfaces to your workspace to transform the way you plan, develop content and analyse your marketing strategies. Keep reading below to see why magnetic whiteboard walls deserve […]

Our Strongest Magnetic Paint: Super Magnetic Paint

Do you want to add a magnetic surface to your office or classroom but don’t know where to start? There are many different options available to you when creating your own magnetic surfaces, but which do you choose? At Smarter Surfaces we offer an entire range of magnetic products that includes paints, plaster and wallcoverings. […]

Uses for a Magnetic Wall in Your Office

See things at a Glance On A Magnetic Wall Lets start with the most obvious yet most popular use of a magnetic wall. Simply stick anything you want to the wall so you can see it at a glance. In our office, people stick up to-do lists, project plans, contact details for people and lots […]

Everything You Need To Know About Magnetic Paint

Are you interested in adding a magnetic surface to your workplace or classroom? The good news is that there are plenty of  product options to choose from. However it can be tricky to work out which product will help fill your needs. You’ll have a lot of questions to ask about each product, so to […]

How Do Schools Use Smarter Surfaces’ Products?

Tired of your old whiteboard? Want to make lessons more engaging? You might think there isn’t much you can do, but there is. Try functional surfaces. There are plenty of options to choose from. How can schools use them? That’s the great thing about functional surfaces, they can be used in almost every part of […]

How Strong is Magnetic Paint?

Bringing a magnetic wall into your office or classroom can be really beneficial. It can aid project planning, meetings and lessons. We’re sure you’ve heard this before. But different brands of magnetic paint say that they perform differently. So what do you believe? We are here to help. In this post we will tell you […]

Questions To Ask When Choosing Magnetic Paint

You want to purchase magnetic paint. There are so many magnetic paint options available, it is important that you choose the product that best fits your needs. To do this, make sure to ask the right questions. Check out some of the things we think you need to consider before buying below. Magnetic Paint Strength […]

Magnetic Wallcoverings: What You Need To Know

Are you considering adding a magnetic surface to your workspace or classroom? Try Smart Magnetic Wallcoverings. They are high-performance magnetic wallpapers that allow you to transform any wall into a smooth magnetic surface. Any wall or room can become a modern, clutter-free and collaborative working area. Want to know more? Then keep reading below to […]

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