Replace Your Whiteboard With Dry Erase Paint

Do you love your meeting room but hate your whiteboard? Whiteboards can only get so big, leaving you with limited space to do some of your most important work on. Are you getting frustrated with trying to organize your meetings and engage your staff with small inefficient whiteboards? Don’t worry, we have the solution to […]

Why You Should Swap Whiteboards For Dry Erase Walls

Ever thought about updating the old whiteboards in your office? Why not turn your wall into a dry erase surface. It’s easy with whiteboard paint or dry erase wallcoverings. There are a lot of benefits of having dry erase walls. Read just some of them below. Size Whiteboards can be really limited in size, can’t […]

4 Ways A Whiteboard Wall Is Different To A Whiteboard

When trying to choose a whiteboard product, you first need to work out which one is the best for option for you. This can get confusing with so many choices available. One such decision could be trying to work out whether you want to install a complete whiteboard wall or go for a traditional whiteboard […]

Whiteboards V Whiteboard Paint V Dry Erase Wallcovering

Today we are going to be comparing whiteboards, whiteboard paint and dry erase wallcoverings all at once. We will be looking into attributes such as sizing, application, appearance and product maintenance. This post aims to help you make an informed decision on which product will be the best option for your surface. Sizing The size […]

Dry Erase Surfaces: Whiteboards VS Wallcoverings

So you want a whiteboard surface. With so many options available to you, how do you choose which product is the right one for you? Do you stick with traditional whiteboards OR is it time to upgrade your surface with the latest in whiteboard products: Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering. But you need something to base […]

Classroom Walls: Whiteboard Paint or Chalkboards?

The traditional blackboard has been a common staple in classrooms for decades. However it isn’t the product for the future. Many schools are now choosing to upgrade their classroom chalkboard surfaces by installing whiteboard paint. Why are they doing this? What are the benefits? Keep reading to find out just some of the reasons you […]

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