Update Your School Staff Room With Magnetic Whiteboard Surfaces

Functional surfaces are a great addition to any learning environment. They promote both interactive and collaborative learning, while also allowing students to better visualise their lesson material.

Just like in the classroom, functional surfaces can also be very beneficial in your school staffroom.

Keep reading below to find out how adding magnetic whiteboard surfaces to your staff room can help you organise and manage your day more efficiently.

Optimize Your Scheduling 

With so many facilities and equipment, it can be hard to keep track of who is using the school gym or T.V at any given time.

Instead of printing out a schedule of which staff member will be using which facility at a certain time, why not just write it up on your magnetic whiteboard wall?

This way if any changes need to be made to the schedule you can easily do so.

The staff at St. John’s Primary school wanted a way to better organize their days, and so decided to create their own magnetic whiteboard surface in their staff room.

To do this, they combined Smart Magnetic Paint and Smart Whiteboard Paint.

Now they can organise and manage their day in the most efficient way.

Ditch Your Notice Board For Magnetic Whiteboard Surfaces

Sick of finding all of your notices on the floor instead of where they should be? Most staff room notice boards are filled with thumbtacks that have a hard time keeping your documents in place. So why not try a magnetic whiteboard surfaces instead?

You can be rest assured that with the power of magnets, your notices will always stay where you want them to.

Maybe you have a quick update you need to share with your colleagues? Don’t waste time typing and printing it out. Instead simply write out your update onto the wall and wipe off when no longer relevant.

Magnetic whiteboard walls give you the freedom to easily and effortlessly display your notices. That’s how it should be.

Important Information Where You Can See It

In most schools there will be students who suffer from medical conditions or allergies.

In order to ensure the proper health and safety of these students, it is important that all staff are aware of who these students are and what they are dealing with.

With a magnetic whiteboard surface you can stick up pictures of students in your staff room and write out important details. These can be what allergy or condition students may have and what to do and who to call in case an emergency situation arises.

Don’t forget the health and safety of your staff members.

All of our magnetic whiteboard products are low VOC and won’t trap dust like noticeboards keeping your staff room air as clean as possible.

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