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Do you work from home or are thinking about doing so? One of the biggest issues you may face is finding yourself missing the resources of your office workspace. We’ve included a number of discounted bundles that you can use to optimise your home office below. Come up with new home office ideas and reinvent your workspace with these value saving bundles.

By adding a whiteboard wall to your home office it will begin to resemble a regular office and will declutter your workspace. A cleaner, more efficient workspace will lead to increased productivity and motivation. No need for flipcharts, boards, stacks of papers or any bulky equipment. Stand up and work on the wall at times during the day. Get your circulation as well as your creative juices flowing. With these bundles you’ll receive a range of whiteboard paint, accessories and primers.

Check out some of the ways we suggest using a whiteboard wall and whiteboard sheets in your home office below:

  • List all of your projects on the wall. Assign key dates, actions and deliverables under each.
  • If you manage remote teams, list each team member’s KPIs so you can stay focused and manage each person or team effectively
  • Use your wall during skype calls or hangouts to show people what you are thinking of. Design or draw on the wall before the call. It’s quicker and easier than a powerpoint
  • Maintain a scribble pad or ideas area on your wall. As new ideas spring to mind, jot it down on the wall and then get back to what you are working on
  • Declutter your workspace. No need for flipcharts, boards or stacks of papers
  • Stand up and work on the wall at times during the day. Get your circulation as well as your creative juices flowing
  • A water based primer, like Smart White Primer ( included in your bundle), must be used before applying Smart Whiteboard Paint to any surface
  • Use on whiteboards, glass, metal, concrete, wood and more


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