Magnetic Whiteboard Walls In Digital Marketing Agencies

Do you work in a digital marketing agency? You’re not doing door-to-door marketing anymore, so why are you still limiting yourself to pen and paper?

Consider adding functional surfaces to your workspace to transform the way you plan, develop content and analyse your marketing strategies.

Keep reading below to see why magnetic whiteboard walls deserve to be in digital marketing agencies.

Digital Marketing Agencies Can Plan Social Media  

You know that social media plays a huge factor in digital marketing, but are you planning your posts as efficiently as you could be?

Magnetic whiteboard walls are a great tool for social media planning as you can easily write up caption ideas or stick up posts.

Digital marketing agency Made To Engage wanted to optimize their social media planning, and so decided to create their own magnetic whiteboard wall. To achieve this they used Smart Magnetic Wallcovering and Smart Whiteboard Paint.

Now they can take their social media planning to the next level.

When developing websites, it can be frustrating only being able to work on one page at a time. With a magnetic whiteboard wall, you don’t have to.

Just stick up images of each website page onto your wall and write down all of the changes you want to make. Then take a picture of your wall and use this for a reference when you get to work.

You won’t be wasting time clicking through website pages ever again.

Analyse Marketing Strategies  

When you are trying out new marketing strategies, you need to analyse what is and isn’t working. Keeping track of followers and views can help you monitor how well your new strategies are being received.

Why not use your magnetic whiteboard wall to keep track of how many social media followers you have or the monthly views of your website?

This way you can easily write up and update the figures every week for the whole office to see.

Being able to visualise all of your data on a larger scale can help you with making decisions on what marketing strategies to use in the future. Check out Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Magnetic and Dry Erase For a magnetic whiteboard wall in one product and application.

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