Write On Your Desk With Clear Dry Erase Paint

Are you always getting lost in a sea of papers on your desk?

Tired of having so many pages on your desk but never a blank sheet of paper when you need to write something down?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just write on your desk?

Well the good news is you can.

With clear dry erase paint, such as Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear, you can easily transform your desks into whiteboard surfaces.

Sound interesting? Then keep reading below to learn all about writable desks.

Benefits Of A Writable Desk

Being able to write on your desk can benefit you in so many ways.

Want to organize your important information and contact details better?

Simply write all of the information you need to have on hand right on your desk.

This way important contacts and information will never be more than a glance away.

On the phone and need to take down somebody’s details? Or maybe a colleague has come up to you with a request?

No problem.

Simply write down everything you need to and wipe away when you are done. You’ll never find yourself trying to remember a phone number or what your team member asked you to do again.

Clear dry erase paint is also a great way to cut down on the amount of paper you use.

Why waste paper when you can write on your desk?

Make your office more eco-friendly with writable desks, the environment will thank you.

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How To Apply Clear Dry Erase Paint

So, you’re probably wondering if  creating your own writable desk will be hard to do. Maybe you’ll have to bring in a professional to help you apply it?

Well, the answer is no!

Smart Whiteboard Paint in Clear is so easy to apply, anyone can do it.

It only takes two steps.

Step 1: Prime your surface.

Step 2: Apply one coat of Smart Whiteboard paint in clear.

And that’s it. After applying Smart Whiteboard Paint your writable desk will be ready to use in just 7 days.

Why wait? Create your own writable desk today.

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