Everything You Need To Know About Writable Wallpapers

Gone are the days of static walls. Writable wallpapers are revolutionising offices and classrooms across Australia, offering a sleek and functional way to transform your space. But with a new product comes a flurry of questions. Is it right for me? How to install it? Is it durable or customisable?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about writable wallpapers, empowering you to make informed decisions and unlock the full potential of your walls.

Magnetic projector screen wallpaper in meeting rooms - Writable Wallpapers

What is writable wallpaper and where to get it

As the name suggests, writable wallpapers are a specialised type of wallcoverings that turn any wall into a dry erase board. Once applied on a surface, you can use it as a functional, high-quality whiteboard.

More advanced products can turn the surface into a magnetic whiteboard or projector screen whiteboard too.

This saves space and the hassle of a traditional whiteboard installation. Also, eliminates drawbacks like — ghosting, maintenance hassle, and space limitations, inherent to any basic whiteboard.

Smarter Surfaces is a market leader in writable surface solutions. Our collection includes all types of writable wallcoverings. Starting with the simple Whiteboard Wallpaper, which turns any wall into a whiteboard, to the 2-in-1 Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper and the Projector Whiteboard Wallpaper. While the magnetic variety also delivers magnetic functionalities along with a no-ghosting whiteboard, the low-sheen wallpaper works as a writing surface, plus, a projector screen.

The collection even extends to the innovative 3-in-1 writable projection wallcoverings — Magnetic Projector Screen Whiteboard Wallpaper, which works as an all-in-one magnetic whiteboard plus projector screen.

Before making a decision, you must want to know how to install apply write on wallpapers. Will you need professional help? Here’s the answer.

How do I apply writable wallpapers?

The process of writable wallpaper installation is simple. It’s not really much different than traditional wallpaper installation. There are only some tips and tricks to perfect it.

Once you have decided on the area, first you need to prepare the surface to make sure that it’s flat and smooth. If it’s an already treated, smooth surface, you may directly start with the adhesive application. However, if the surface is highly absorbent, like in the case of new plasters or concrete, you should treat it with a good primer first.

Once the surface is primed and ready, the next step is to find out what you should use to apply the dry erase wallpaper.

You will need a specialised adhesive — the vinyl over vinyl wallpaper adhesive for the task. Once the surface is ready and completely dry, apply two coats of the adhesive. Add 10% water to the adhesive and stir well to ensure a uniform consistency before application.

After applying the second coat of the adhesive, stick the writable wallpaper right on it and use the flat edge of any plastic bar to push out any air bubbles. Then you can trim it to size with a sharp knife. Make sure that the seams of the wallcovering stick properly till the end. Let it curate for 24 to 48 hours depending on the type of wallcovering.

Here’s a video of the application process. Follow the instructions step-by-step to get it right, always.

There’s no need to worry about the right direction to hang the wallpaper. It can be hung horizontally as well as vertically. But, we recommend hanging it horizontally to facilitate working at eye level.

Not sure how to manage the joints or seams? When it comes to hanging any wallcovering, writable or not, minimising the appearance of the seams or joints can be a challenge.

Follow the double cut seam technique. It involves overlapping the edges of the wallpaper slightly, then using a sharp tool to cut a straight line through both layers. The excess is then removed, leaving a clean and hidden seam.

Our writable wallpapers can be applied on any smooth surface. It sticks effortlessly on walls, plaster, concrete, wood partitions, doors, and even on metals. This gives complete freedom to customise your space according to your needs and the aesthetics of the room. Additionally, there are other unusual surfaces that can be converted into writable space with our suitable products.

If you don’t have much DIY experience or are planning to cover a wider area, you may opt for professional installation assistance.

Showing presentations on magnetic projector screen wallcovering

Customising writable wallpapers

Unlike traditional whiteboards, writable wallpapers can be easily customised in terms of size and design to suit different preferences and spaces. The rolls are available in different dimensions — from the compact 2m² to the large 10m² , to fit the exact space requirements. We even provide write on wallcoverings in customised roll sizes for larger projects.

Cut the wallpaper evenly with a sharp knife to give it any shape you prefer. It can also be applied on curved surfaces to match any space.

The whiteboard wallpaper is also available in a low sheen version that doubles as a projector screen. This Smart projector wallcovering can be used with all projectors, including the standard models as well as the more advanced interactive, 4K, and 3D varieties for showcasing images, presentations, and videos in office or educational setups.

Now that you have the wallpaper on your walls, here is how you can use it the right way.

Using write on wallpapers

Our range of write on wallpapers is designed for commercial grade performance, meaning you can use them just like any other dry-erase board right after the curation time.

There are no specific types of markers or writing instruments recommended for use on these wallpapers. Use your regular dry erase marker to write. Just make sure that your marker is of good quality. Do not use permanent markers to write on it. If you use a permanent marker by accident, use only a recommended Permanent Marker Remover to remove the mark completely.

For regular erasing, either use your normal dry-erase marker eraser or get a microfibre cloth. Before use, always make sure that the eraser is clean.

Our high-quality writable wallpapers don’t need any special maintenance. Just wipe it down after every use and keep it free from dust, and it will provide uninterrupted service for years.

These wallpapers are non-ghosting. So, once erased, any stains or marks are removed completely. You might use a good quality Dry Erase Cleaner once a month to keep the surface completely free from dust and grime.

Our wallpapers do not yellow or chip over time. They deliver top-level functionality for years without any downtime for minimal to no upkeep. Wondering if this product comes with a guarantee? Let us tell you, our writable wallcoverings are backed by a 10-year-long product guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Have more questions?
Writable wallpapers can transform any office or educational space without breaking the bank. It nurtures creativity, communication, and collaboration that can improve overall understanding and performance.

If you’re looking for the best writing wallpaper, try our range of products and see how they enhance your space. If you have any more questions, book a no-obligation call with our experts today.