Unusual Ways To Use Writable Surfaces


Think you know all the ways you can use a writable surface?

Then think again. When adding a functional surface to your space there really are unlimited ways to use them.

In previous blogs we’ve discussed the more traditional ways to use a writable in your office or classroom, but there are some more unusual uses we haven’t yet mentioned.

These uses may not suit every business, however you may find a new and innovative way of making use of your functional space.

To read some of these unusual ways to make use of Smarter Surfaces products, that we’ve gathered from some of our customers, then look below.

How Sports Teams Use Writable Surfaces

Are you a member of a sports team?

If so then you know about the importance of strategy and the impact it has on how you play.

We have a number of sports teams as customers and they’ve found Whiteboard Paint can really impact the way they plan before their matches.

One team in particular had a table designed to look like a football pitch. They then top-coated it with Whiteboard Paint in Clear.

This meant they could write directly onto the table, showing each of the players exactly where they needed to be at different points during the match.

Seeing it laid out clearly helped them better plan and communicate each individual tactic, as well as the overall plan.

Why Not Use Blackboard Paint at Weddings?

One of the most unusual ways we’ve seen people make use of a writable surface is incorporating Blackboard Paint into their wedding.

One customer coated a large panel in the product and used it to present the evening’s seating plan to the guests.

Another used their blackboard surfaces to point guests in the right direction towards the ceremony. You can see an example of this in the image below.

Having Blackboard surfaces at weddings are a fun way to keep guest up to date on important information.

Blackboard Paint, wedding

Draw Incredible Murals

Your whiteboard wall doesn’t need to just be for writing up sales figures or meeting agendas. Why not cover your office in murals instead?

One of our customers, a game design company, created this time lapse video of one of their staff members drawing a large mural on one of their office walls.

As you can see a writable wall really does provide you unlimited space to make use of.

Office Lunch Orders

Not everything needs to be as complicated as a mural. Why not do something simple?

Ordering in for lunch? Get everyone to write what they want to eat up on the wall so that no orders will be missed.

Having a game night after work? Jot a list of everything you need on the wall and cross it out as you collect the item. You’ll be much more organised and nothing will be missed.

There are dozens of ways to make use of a writable wall in any environment. From offices to weddings.

The most important thing about a writable surface is that you use it in the way that best suits you.

Want to discover how you can create a writable wall with whiteboard paint? Then click here.

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