Transform Your Classroom with Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

Magnetic boards are a brilliant addition to the learning environment. They have helped teachers enhance the dynamics of the classroom for years. But as education evolves and the needs of the students change the magnetic boards must give way to modern alternatives with multifaceted functionalities.

Woman using super magnetic painted wall

This is why so many schools are choosing to swap their magnetic boards for magnetic surface products instead. There are plenty to choose from too. Paints, wallpapers and plasters that can all add magnetic functionality to your classroom. The best part is that these magnetic surfaces can also work as whiteboards and projection screens.

Replace Magnetic Boards with Magnetic Wallpaper

One of the most popular product alternatives to magnetic boards is magnetic whiteboard wallpaper. Instead of having a magnetic board with a standalone feature, you can cover all walls of a classroom with a magnetic whiteboard wallpaper which gives your classroom writable walls that attract magnets. With this upgrade you eliminate the size limitation of a magnetic board, maximize the writable surface, and create an integrated space for writing, drawing, and sticking objects with magnets.

There are even more interesting opportunities once you decide to go for wallpapers. The Magnetic Whiteboard Projection Wallpaper by Smarter Surfaces gives you a writable surface with ferromagnetic qualities that can also be used as a projection screen. That’s three functionalities tied into one incredible product with a 10-year performance guarantee.

All you need is some vinyl over vinyl adhesive and a step-by-step guide to installing the wallpaper.

Magnetic Paint for a more cost-effective solution

If you aren’t sure about replacing your magnetic boards with wallpaper, why not opt for one of our paint alternatives instead? Smarter Surfaces offers two categories of magnetic paint with varying magnetite content. Yes, magnetite is the material that endows a common paint with ferromagnetic qualities.

The magnetic paint has a 55% magnetite content which enables you to stick up to 4 sheets of A4-size paper on a wall with a single neodymium magnet. The super magnetic paint has a higher magnetite content at 60% and it lets you stick 5 sheets of paper with one magnet.

All you need to apply the magnetic paint on your classroom walls is included in the product packages along with a step-by-step application guide.

You can lay down a few coats of white primer followed by a coat of the smart whiteboard paint on top of a wall covered with the magnetic paint, to turn it into a large magnetic whiteboard wall.

Magnetic plaster for a significant improvement

The magnetic plaster by Smarter Surfaces is a two-coat high-performance commercial-grade plaster that transforms any wall into a smooth and high-performance magnetic surface.

With a 75% magnetite content, the magnetic plaster is by far the strongest product for creating magnetic surfaces. You can use a wall plastered with this like any other wall. Maybe you can apply a digital wall print to it or hang photo frames, canvases, and even television sets from the wall (provided you have magnets that are strong enough).

Magnetic Plaster comes premixed and it can be applied just like any standard plaster.

As our Plaster has a dark grey finish, top coat with a colour of your own choice or even add a product from our dry erase range such as the whiteboard paint, or a whiteboard wallpaper.

Use your magnetic walls for projection and writing

We have already talked at length about the multifaceted functionality of Smarter Surfaces products. We offer you the opportunity to accentuate the impact of a magnetic surface by topping it off with additional characteristics like writability and projectability. We have designed product packages to help you achieve that without the hassle of researching and finding compatible products individually.

Take the magnetic whiteboard paint product package for instance. It comes with a unit of magnetic paint, a unit of whiteboard paint, most of the equipment you need to apply the products, complete application guide, and an application video. You can apply it by yourself with no professional help. The paints exceed all regulatory guidelines and are safe to be used around children and pregnant women.

If you want to add another functionality to your magnetic whiteboard wall and make it also work as a projection screen, just choose a different product grouping – use a low sheen whiteboard paint on top of a primed magnetic wall. With a low gloss level, this paint creates a decent projection surface which is also writable. Similar functionalities can be achieved by using the wallpaper range as we’ve mentioned earlier.

The Smarter Surfaces website does a brilliant job of describing all its product in meticulous detail. And our product experts are ready to help you at every turn in terms of choosing the right product, and navigating the application procedure. Book a free video consultation now to show us the surfaces you’re planning to transform.