Things to Know Before You Buy Dry-Erase Paint for Walls

Man wiping marker off the dry-erase paint for walls

Whether you want to refurbish an old whiteboard, replace a traditional whiteboard with a writable wall, or create a writable wall with additional properties like magnetic receptibility, you need high-quality dry-erase paint. The quality of dry-erase paint directly affects your experience with the whiteboard. Hence, it is very important to understand the key features of a dry-erase paint for walls.

What is dry-erase paint for walls?

Dry-erase paint is a special kind of paint or coating that converts any smooth surface into a whiteboard that you can write on with dry-erase markers and clean up with a dry microfibre cloth.

How does dry-erase paint work?

Dry-erase paint is created by combining a specialist resin with paint. The resin is designed to create a smooth and hard surface on which you can write with dry-erase markers. The resin is responsible for ensuring that the paint is hard enough to endure the processes of writing and wiping for years. The dry-erase paint for walls by Smarter Surfaces comes with a 10-year performance guarantee.

Different types of dry-erase plains

There are two types of dry-erase paints

1. White dry-erase paint

It is white in colour and gives you a white writable surface. A white dry-erase paint typically comes in a glossy finish. Nevertheless, Smarter Surfaces has a matt whiteboard paint which is low sheen and can double as a projection screen.

2. Clear whiteboard paint

Clear dry-erase paint can create a writable wall in a colour of your choice. Since the dry-erase paint itself is transparent, you can apply it to a painted wall and give it dry-erase qualities without losing the original colour. The clear dry-erase paint is suitable for creating writable walls in offices that want to reflect brand colours on the walls or classrooms that complement the colour of the school building.

Dry-erase paints can be further classified based on functionality and purpose. For instance, antimicrobial whiteboard paint by Smarter Surfaces is designed to eliminate a range of bacteria.

5 things you should pay attention to while buying dry-erase paint for walls

1. Safety and Certifications
It’s important to note that people interact with a dry-erase board from very very close proximity whether you want to apply dry-erase paint in a professional environment or a classroom setting. Hence, you must ensure that it is safe, non-toxic, and adheres to regional standards for quality.

  • Check if the paint is fire-certified.
  • Make sure that the VOC levels in the paint are low
  • The paint should be free of PFOA, PFOS, and Isocyanates.
  • It should not have a strong odour
  • Does not require installation safety measures as dry erase paint products containing Isocyanates do

2. Performance and Product Guarantee
The whole purpose of painting a wall with dry-erase paint id defeated if you have to renew it every couple of years. You should be able to use the writable wall in pristine condition over a long period of time. Hence, you should go for brands that offer a performance guarantee.

Your dry-erase paint should not crack or peel, it should not have staining or ghosting, and even if your board gets a permanent marker stain by accident, you should be able to clean it with a permanent marker remover.

3. Ease of maintenance
You should be able to maintain a writable wall in pristine condition for at least a decade without a lot of hassle. A few wipes with a microfibre cloth and a dry-erase cleaner at the end of the day should be enough to retain the quality of your dry-erase surface.

4. Application and customer support
Applying dry-erase paint on a wall is not a very difficult task and you should be able to do it yourself. You should look for a brand that supports your DIY journey with proper tools and assistance. For instance, Smarter Surfaces sends a full application kit with its products so that customers can apply the paints without professional help.

Your dry-erase surface should be ready to use within 4 days of the installation of the dry-erase paint.

We have also created step-by-step application guides and application videos complete with professional tricks and tips to help you throughout the DIY process.

If you face any confusion while installing a product or even while shopping for it, you can reach out to product advisors at Smarter Surfaces over email, phone, or chat. The lines are always open. Or, you can book a free video consultation so that our experts can look at your surface and help you find the right product.

5. Additional functionalities
Smarter Surfaces helps you supercharge the functionality of your dry-erase surface with magnetic receptibility. You can create a writable wall that doubles as a magnetic wall using the magnetic whiteboard paint bundle by Smarter Surfaces.

Dry erase paint for walls that creating writable walls

Key benefits of applying dry-erase paint on walls

By converting a regular wall into a dry-erase writable wall you change the whole dynamic of a space be it a classroom or a meeting room. Suddenly, there is a lot of room for exploring ideas, being creative, and innovating. Overall it enhances the spirit of collaboration in the workspace as well as the classroom.

Writable walls add dynamism to an office setting

  • Encourages creativity and expression of ideas
  • The collaborative potential of meetings increases significantly
  • Strategy meetings are more impactful with easy-flowing visual cues
  • Gives the office a space for fun and games

A full dry-erase wall frees up creativity in a classroom

  • Gives teachers space to cover a lot of information without wiping the board multiple times
  • There is more space for students to interact with their peers and teachers
  • Classrooms are freed from chalk dust and the allergies and irritation that follow
  • The writable area in a classroom is not limited by the size of a traditional wall-mounted whiteboard.