How To Use A Whiteboard Surface

Ever been interested in having a whiteboard surface in your office?

Maybe you’re curious what benefits it could possible have?

Whiteboard paint clear table in board room group meeting planning

Smart Wall Paint or Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering and you can have a whiteboard surface in any shape and size you choose.

But how can you use them ?

Below you’ll find just some of the top ways you can make use of a whiteboard surface in your space.


Create a whiteboard surface in your meeting room and watch how quickly your meetings become more effective.

List your meeting agenda. As the meeting progresses, capture actions, owners and delivery dates. Need to change something ? want to alter the action ? no problem – just wipe and write. Again and again.

As you can see in the photo below it is not only a productive way of working but also gets your colleagues to actively partake in meetings.

Plus they have fun doing it.


It’s likely that since you’re working in a business that you’ll need to prepare for meetings or come up with new ideas.

With a whiteboard surface you can see the ‘big picture.’ Writing all your ideas on the wall and then expanding on them without any restrictions in space.

You won’t be able to do that with a notebook or a flipchart.

It’s time to update your walls. Transform them into whiteboard surfaces.

Writable desks

Smart surfaces aren’t just restricted to the meeting room though, you can convert your very own desk into one.

You won’t need to waste your time searching through your notes anymore. They’ll be jotted down directly onto your desk. Just use Smart Wall Paint in Clear

It’s a great way of saving paper and keeping track of your to-do lists. See picture.


Want your colleagues to remember important dates or events?

Draw up a monthly calendar on one of your walls that everyone can fill in.

You’ll know when vital meetings are taking place or keep track of who is away on holidays.

Having a giant calendar on your wall can also look cool to potential clients or people who come into your office for meetings.

Project Plans

See at a glance project steps and status. Get it on the wall. Track it and update as and when you need. Write on, wipe off.

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