The Smartest Way to Install Writable Desks in a Classroom

Self adhesive whiteboard film for children school - writable desk

A writable desk is the smartest furniture you can offer students and teachers. It just makes huddling up and brainstorming so much more fun. There is zero wastage of paper, an unbridled flow of thoughts, and enough space for two or three people to write simultaneously – adding wings to ideas.

However, replacing all of your classroom desks with writable desks is a costly undertaking. It’s almost inconceivable unless you are working with a huge budget. The logistics are just too much, and upgrading an entire school with writable desks will take forever. That’s where Smarter Surfaces comes in with the self-adhesive whiteboard films.

Creating writable desks with whiteboard films

How to Turn Your Desk into a Whiteboard Desk

You don’t need to replace the existing desks, you just need to add a writable layer to them. The whiteboard films by Smarter Surfaces are the best products for the job. Just stick the self-adhesive film onto the desktop and voila! You get a writable desk. The film is able to turn any smooth, non-absorbent surface into a dry-erase writing area. It can be used on glass doors, metal panels, old whiteboards, and virtually any surface but a wall made of concrete or wood. You can write on it with dry-erase markers and clean it with microfibre cloths.

Exploring the options with whiteboard films

Once you decide to transform regular classroom desktops into writable surfaces, there are quite a few options to explore.

White whiteboard film

You can use the white whiteboard film to create writable desks with a glossy white finish. The same product can be used to restore old whiteboards or upgrade old chalkboards.

Clear whiteboard film

Then comes the clear self-adhesive whiteboard film. It offers the same functionality as the white whiteboard film but with a transparent finish. This product creates a writable surface without changing the colour of the original surface – just adds a layer of specialist resin-infused clear paint on top of it. This product is very popular among office designers for its aesthetic appeal, nevertheless, there’s no reason why schools can’t adopt it.

Low-sheen whiteboard film

With a gain value of 1.1 and a gloss measurement of 41GU, the projectable low-sheen whiteboard film is a solution for schools trying to make the learning environment more interesting. For instance, if you use this self-adhesive film on a large table and project on it from above, it can be a perfect interactive aid for lessons. One can project a map on the table during a geography lesson, or maybe project the intersection of a cell wall and then add pointers on the same surface with a dry-erase marker. It opens up a wonderful world of possibilities for educators. The combination of the projectability factor and the dry-erase quality makes this a one-of-a-kind product.

How to maintain a writable desk?

You can maintain a writable desk just as you would take care of a regular whiteboard.

  • Do not use a permanent marker to write on it. If someone accidentally does use a permanent marker on the writable surface, you should use a high-quality permanent marker remover to clean it. You can use the same product for the occasional cleaning of stains or ink residue.
  • Use a dry-erase cleaner to clean the writable surfaces after every few sessions of use. It will enhance performance, keep stains away, and add years to your writable desks’ life.
  • Use good-quality dry-erase markers for best performance.

Qualities to look for in whiteboard films

You want whiteboard films that are easy to apply, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. Smarter Surfaces ticks all the boxes.

  • The self-adhesive whiteboard films by Smarter Surfaces come with a 5-year performance guarantee.
  • The products exceed the standards of quality and safety across continents.
  • The films have a Class A fire certificate further attesting to their safety.
  • They are self-adhesive. So, all you need to do is remove the backing and stick it to the surface.

Smarter Surfaces gives you a detailed application guide and video-based installation tutorials to help you with the DIY process.

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