4 Reasons To Add Writable Desks To Your Classroom

Adding whiteboard surfaces to your classroom can be a great way to get your students more involved in lessons. We aren’t just talking about walls though, why not try writable desks?

By adding Whiteboard Paint in White or Clear you can change the way you teach and also help you classroom to become more environmentally friendly.

Find out how by reading below.

Reduce Paper Usage

Want to reduce the amount of paper you use in your classroom? Then try writable desks.

Rather than writing straight into notebooks, your students can draw out equations, practice spelling write out answers to questions and do all their rough work on their desk.

Then one you come to the right answer, simply take out their notebooks and write it in there. Then you can simply wipe everything away and start again.  

Not only will this help your students have clear and concise answers to refer back on but also will reduce the paper they  use.

Work on Ideas and Brainstorming

Using write-on wipe-off surfaces is great for young learners.

They don’t have to worry about committing word, numbers or sentences to paper. They can scribble down ideas, consider them, edit or erase them, and then start again.

This helps children to think for themselves and to work things out.

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Writable Desks Aren’t Just For Kids

Once class has ended you can still use your writable desks.

Why not use them to plan out your lessons? With the dry erase functionality, you can explore different ideas easily without having to start again on a new page.

That isn’t all though.

With a writable desk, you, as the teacher, can jot down important notes throughout the day without having to go searching for a notebook.

This means at the end of each class you can get a clear overview of everything you need to make note of for further lessons.

Easy Class Collaboration

Writable Desks are a great way to get everyone in the classroom engaged at once.

Why not have a quickfire quiz? You can project the questions up on your wall and each student can write the answer down on your desk.

Rather than signalling out one student to come up and write on the board ,this way you can get the whole classroom involved and it reduces the amount of pressure associated with getting the answer wrong.

These are just a few ways that writable desks can be used in the classroom. Find out more about creating your own with Whiteboard Paint here.

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