Different Types of Magnetic Whiteboard Paint for Offices

Magnetic whiteboard paint for office

What we call magnetic whiteboard paint is not a single product but rather a combination of multiple products and specific application processes that lead to a magnetic whiteboard wall. The magic is in the products and the processes are simple.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the benefits of magnetic whiteboard paint for offices – the products you can use, the performance you can expect, and the measures you can take to give it a long life.

What is magnetic paint and how does it work?

Magnetic paint is paint infused with magnetite – a ferrimagnetic mineral ore. Any surface painted with it gets ferrimagnetic properties. That means it develops a magnetic pull and attracts magnets.

You can use magnetic paint directly on any smooth, non-porous surface. 4-5 coats of magnetic paint should enable any surface to hold 4 to 5 sheets of A4-size paper with one neodymium magnet.

In an office space, a magnetic wall can be used to stick memos, notes, photographs, charts, and even heavier objects depending on the treatment of the wall and the size of the magnets.

Different magnetic whiteboard paints for offices

Smarter Surfaces lets you choose among two kinds of magnetic paints, magnetic plaster, and magnetic wallpapers. In the sections that follow, we’ll walk you through the key features of these products and how they can add a collaborative flair to your workspace.

Magnetic Paint

The magnetic paint by Smarter Surfaces is a dark grey paint with a 55% magnetite content. You can apply it on walls, plaster, concrete, wood, metal, doors or any smooth surface. You need a minimum of 4 coats and a maximum of 7 coats of paint to create sufficient magnetic pull for holding 4 sheets of A4-size paper with one neodymium magnet.

The paint has very low VOC (<12g/l), no PFOA & PFOS, and it is solvent-free. It is an environmentally friendly product that exceeds all regional quality and safety standards.Smarter Surfaces’ magnetic paint is priced at $114 for 2.28 kg. It is enough to cover a 3m² area. A bigger tin containing 5.56 kg of paint costs $306 and it covers 9m² of area.

Super Magnetic Paint

Super magnetic paint is a superior version of magnetic paint with a higher magnetite content. It has more than 60% magnetite and offers better magnetic pull than regular magnetic paint. It is a great fit for digital wall prints.

Just like all Smarter Surfaces products, super magnetic paint has very low VOC and it is free of PFOA, PFOS, and solvents.

2500 ml of Super Magnetic paint will cost you $210. It covers an area of 6m²

Magnetic Plaster>

Magnetic plaster is the strongest solution for building magnetic surfaces. It is a pre-mixed plaster with a 75% magnetite content. You can directly apply it to a wall like a regular plaster. You can paint over it or use it as a magnetic wall 24 hours after application. You can get 10 kg of magnetic plaster which covers 6m² for $269.

Magnetic plaster allows your regular wall to hold eight sheets of A4-size paper with a single neodymium magnet. That means with larger magnets you can mount much heavier things on the magnetic plaster. Our customers have mounted television sets and canvases on magnetic plaster using large and powerful magnets. The surface area of the magnet is the key to expanding the functionality of the wall.

Creating a magnetic whiteboard

As we mentioned earlier, magnetic whiteboard paint is a combination of products applied in a specific sequence. Here is how you can create a magnetic whiteboard wall for your office.

As we’ve already discussed, you can create a magnetic wall using magnetic paint, super magnetic paint, or magnetic plaster. Regardless of which one of these you choose, you must start with a smooth, consistent, non-porous wall.

So, prepare your surface by filling the holes, sanding the lumps, and priming it if needed. Once the surface is ready, you can apply 4-7 coats of paint or 2 coats of plaster to it. You must wait for one coat to dry before applying the next one. The wait time is 2-3 hours for magnetic paint and at least 6 hours for the plaster.

Once all the coats are done and dry. You can choose either of two paths – a white whiteboard paint or a clear whiteboard paint.

If you want to apply white whiteboard paint, you’ll need to conceal the dark grey magnetic paint using a water-based white primer. You may need 2-4 coats of primer for the job. After the primer dries up with no sign of moisture, you can apply the white whiteboard paint.

If you decide to have a coloured magnetic whiteboard wall, you can put the coloured paint on the magnetic wall and let it dry for at least 12 hours. Once the paint is dry, you can apply a coat of clear whiteboard paint.

4 days after the application of paint, your magnetic whiteboard wall will be ready to use.

You can get the magnetic whiteboard paint white kit to cover 6m² for $558 and the magnetic whiteboard clear kit for the same area for $526.

Magnetic whiteboard paint clear grey wall in workspace

Magnetic whiteboard wallpaper

The alternative to magnetic whiteboard paint for offices is magnetic whiteboard wallpaper. The magnetic whiteboard wallpaper can be applied on any wall using a vinyl over vinyl adhesive. It is easy to apply and becomes ready to use as soon as the adhesive dries up.

Smarter Surfaces has designed a three-in-one wallpaper that has magnetic qualities, and dry-erase properties and works as a projection screen. The projection screen magnetic whiteboard wallpaper is the ultimate magnetic whiteboard solution for offices. It fits perfectly in meeting rooms where strategic discussions can take a whole new dimension through its use.

Magnetic wallpapers start from $350.

All Smarter Surfaces products are very adaptable in different situations. For instance, while the clear whiteboard paint is not suitable for direct application on a wooden wall, you can easily solve that by applying a coat of clear primer first. Nevertheless, there is always one best product for every situation and our product advisors can help you find that. Book a free video consultation now.