Projector + Dry Erase Wallpapers: Your Multifunctional Companion for Better Productivity

Imagine a non-ghosting, dry-erase wall that doubles as a high-end projection screen, saving space and eliminating the hassle of juggling between a whiteboard and a projector screen. Sounds amazing? With the latest advances in collaborative surface solution technology, this is possible, and that too without breaking the bank.

Multifunctional dry erase wallpapers and projection screens are quickly taking the market by storm. Thanks to their efficiency and flexibility. Stay with us as we explore the different types of these futuristic collaborative solutions, the key benefits, and how they can improve productivity in the professional landscape.

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What is projection and dry-erase wallpaper?

Modern workspaces demand innovative solutions. Projection and dry erase wallpapers address this need by offering a unique combination of functionalities.

These advanced wallcoverings function as both a high-quality projection screen and a dry-erase board. They are applied directly on the wall or any smooth surface. The wallpaper allows projecting visuals and writing annotations simultaneously on the same surface. So there’s no need for bulky whiteboards and projection screens.

By seamlessly integrating these functionalities, they create a dynamic and organised workspace that empowers communication and collaboration.

There are different types of wallpapers available for projection and dry-erase functionality. Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen from Smarter Surfaces serves this 2-in-1 function with commendable efficiency. It combines a high-end whiteboard and a top-performing projection screen in a simple-to-apply wallpaper.

The more advanced version, Magnetic Projector Screen Whiteboard Wallpaper, goes one step further. It combines 3 functionalities — magnetic, whiteboard, and projection screen in a single wallpaper. The magnetic property lets you stick notes and images directly on the whiteboard with neo magnets. Plus, you can use it as a dry-erase board and a projection screen simultaneously.

To choose between the two products, consider your requirements. If you simply need a projector screen and a whiteboard, the projector whiteboard wallpaper is the best solution. It fits perfectly even in compact meeting rooms and serves as an effective dual-purpose wallcovering.

However, if you’re looking for the most advanced collaborative surface solution for brainstorming, and you don’t mind spending a little bit extra for it, the new-age 3-in-1 magnetic projector screen wallpaper will serve you best. It makes organising thoughts easy and turns your brainstorming sessions or meetings truly interactive.

If you need only a whiteboard wall and don’t want it to alter the aesthetics of the space, our clear dry erase paint is a great option.

Now let’s take a quick look at the top benefits of these multifunctional products.

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5 top benefits of projection and dry-erase wallpapers

Projection and dry-erase wallpapers offer a unique solution, delivering a multitude of benefits. Here are five key advantages of incorporating this innovative product into your workspace:

  • Makes presentations more effective: Projector whiteboard wallpaper eliminates the need for bulky whiteboards and projector screens. You can project presentations, reports, and multimedia content directly onto the wall and annotate right on it, creating a more engaging environment for client presentations and team meetings.
  • Ensures better brainstorming: Have you ever felt something was missing during your team’s brainstorming sessions? It might just be the right platform to shape and communicate ideas. With the projector whiteboard wallpaper, your team can capture spontaneous thoughts and ideas, jot down notes, and write on the projected information directly. This encourages a more dynamic and effective brainstorming experience.
  • Centralised information hub: Staying on top of all work emails throughout the day can be challenging. Reduce inbox clutter for your team and use the projector screen plus whiteboard as a central platform for sharing information and updates. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and there’s no communication gap.
  • Maximised space utilisation: Forget the bulky, space-consuming dry-erase boards and projector screens. These wallpapers turn your walls into a multifunctional workspace, without taking up any floor space and blending seamlessly with any decor. This results in a cleaner and more spacious work environment.
  • Multifunctionality at a reasonable price: Projection and dry-erase wallpapers offer two functionalities in one product, eliminating the need for separate purchases. They don’t require expensive installation or maintenance and provide service for years without any drop in performance. This translates to a cost-effective solution for any workspace.

Are projection and dry-erase wallpapers better than dedicated traditional options?

If you have been considering projector whiteboard wallpapers, you might wonder, how the projection quality compares between these specialised wallpapers and traditional projection screens. Let’s first address this question.

Every traditional projector screen isn’t built the same. While the high-end ones do a good job at recreating high-quality pictures, they can easily drain your budget. The medium-range projector screens often lack in recreated picture quality and fail to perform in setups with ambient light. Plus, they typically have a narrower viewing angle that restricts the seating arrangement in the room and often suffer from hotspots.

Specialised projector whiteboard wallpapers from Smarter Surfaces are specifically designed to ensure high picture quality. These wallpapers have a high gain value of 1.1 which supports the recreation of crisp images and videos even in moderate ambient light conditions. On top of that, they have a wider viewing angle and don’t suffer from hotspots. Meaning the picture quality won’t drop depending on the seating arrangement in the meeting room.

These wallpapers provide all the benefits of a top-performing office projector surface for a reasonable price.

The other common dilemma customers face when deciding about a projector screen plus dry-erase wallpaper is how effective is the dry-erase functionality of the wallpaper. Can it serve as a regular, functional whiteboard that’s supposed to be overused daily? Thankfully, we have already taken these factors into consideration.

Our smart projector whiteboard wallpapers are designed for heavy-duty, commercial-grade performance. The non-ghosting feature ensures there are no stains or marks left behind after just a single wipe-down. There are no special upkeep requirements. Just keeping them free from dirt is all.

Still not convinced? Our products come with a 10-year guarantee. So, you’re covered even if the product does not perform according to your expectations.

Not only in offices and workspaces, projector whiteboard wallpapers are a great transformative tool for schools and educational institutes as well.

It’s time to level up your workspace
If you have been considering levelling up your office, our projection and dry erase wallpapers are the best option you have. They improve efficiency and productivity, and taking into account the impact they offer, the cost is only reasonable.

We are confident that our product will impress you. Give it a try and let us know about your experience. To know more about our projector whiteboard wallpapers or for professional assistance book a call with our team.